Hack The Treat

A Capture The Flag (CTF) is like a high-stakes digital treasure hunt where cyber-adventurers solve puzzles and outsmart challenges to steal virtual flags and earn bragging rights in the hacking world! HTB Meetup is a cyber carnival for knowledge, where you can join the info-party, connect with cyber-savvy folks, and explore the thrilling world of digital defense through lively interactions with the Count Dracula of Cyber Security..


Mini Hall 1, T.P. Ganesan SRMIST, Chennai


Free of Cost


20th Oct 2023

HackTheBox Meetup: Chennai, IN - Revealed Post


The Elite panel of guests who will inaugurate the event are:-

Amey Pathak, Reverse Engineering Specialist, Binary Exploiter

Kanak Shilledar, IoT Security Specialist

Dr. Annapurani Panaiyappan K., Associate Professor, HoD Networking and Communications.

Dr. Supraja P, Associate Professor, Networking and Communications.


Prerequisites for the Hands-on Workshop:-

  • Laptop Fully Charged
  • Kali Linux,
  • VMware
  • Extension Board