Dive into the depths of cybersecurity mastery at SEC-SI: Secluded Security Information, where the spotlight shines on Memory Forensics. Join our exclusive workshop for an immersive journey through cutting-edge techniques and strategies. Uncover the secrets of digital landscapes as we delve into the intricate world of cyber resilience. Elevate your expertise with hands-on sessions and industry-leading insights, ensuring you're armed with the knowledge to safeguard information effectively. SEC-SI, where security meets seclusion, and Memory Forensics takes center stage. Don't miss this unique opportunity to fortify your cyber defenses.


Sir. J.C. Bose Hall, 12th Floor, Tech Park


Free of Cost


9th Feb 2024

HackTheBox Meetup: Chennai, IN - Revealed Post


The Elite panel of guests who will inaugurate the event are:-

Shyam Sundar Ramaswami, Two-Time TEDx Speaker | Author of the book “It’s your digital life”| Senior Staff Cyber Security Architect @ GE HEALTH CARE| Ex-Cisco | Digital Detective | Malware& Memory forensics| International Cyber Security Speaker

Dr. Annapurani Panaiyappan K., Associate Professor, HoD Networking and Communications.

Dr. Supraja P, Associate Professor, Networking and Communications.


Prerequisites for the Hands-on Workshop:-

  • Laptop Fully Charged
  • Kali Linux,
  • VMware
  • Extension Board