WTF 2.0

HackTheBox Chennai would like to invite you to our CTF event, 'WTF - Where The Flag 2.0' at Mini Hall 2. This is SRM's one and only cybersecurity competition which is a major opportunity for everyone to showcase their skills at a grand level. The CTF is going to be of jeopardy style. You will get to solve questions in various categories involving Cryptography, OSINT, Web Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Forensics and much more. The venue is Mini Hall-2 and the event will start by 9:00 am. So make sure you don't forget to bring your laptop, charger and headphones and join us on time for an unforgettable experience!.


Mini Hall 2, SRM


Free of Cost


18th April 2024

HackTheBox Meetup: Chennai, IN - Revealed Post


The Elite panel of guests who will inaugurate the event are:-

Dr. Annapurani Panaiyappan K., Associate Professor, HoD Networking and Communications.

Dr. Supraja P, Associate Professor, Networking and Communications.


Prerequisites for the Hands-on Workshop:-

  • Laptop Fully Charged
  • VMWare or Virtual Box
  • Preinstalled. - Security Oriented Operating System(Kali Linux is recommended) installed in the above mentioned Virtualization tools.